The smell of BBQ in the air makes me hungry!

The Iron Works family values their time together, and we feel there is nothing better than family time together outside for a backyard BBQ. Now that fall is upon us it makes being outside so much more enjoyable.  As we gather together to play catch with the kids, we turn on our country music, grab a lawn chair, and fire up the pit.  There is nothing better than visiting with grandparents as you watch your little one play with his cousins. Every now and then you hear the birds chirp, you see the squirrels chase each other up a tree, and then you get a whiff of that smokey smell that radiates through your nose and make your tummy growl.  It is at that moment you being hearing your children holler “Is it ready yet? I am starving.” Then grandpa chimes in, “What’s for dinner?”  That is when my husband the chef responds, “Barbecue Pork Ribs.”  My mouth beings to water, the smell of BBQ in the air is making me hungry!

Now Pork Ribs are my favorite, but his pork ribs (which is the same recipe as the Iron Works BBQ) are delicious!  They fall off the bone, and melt in your mouth. I become instantaneously famished!  I can taste them already!  I cannot wait for them to be ready.  The only thing that makes them better is The Iron Works BBQ sauce poured over them.

As I sit in my lawn chair listening to my favorite country song playing on the radio, waiting for the BBQ to be ready, I am reminded of how grateful I am to have such a wonderful family to share this with.

“Just a few more minutes,” the chef (my husband) calls out.  “Get all the fixings together,” he adds. Everyone is excited and hungry.  We begin to gather around  the outside picnic tables.  Everyone grabs a paper plate and begins to fill it with potato salad, beans, pickles, onions, and of course the juicy pork ribs.  You can’t forget the Sweet Tea.  That is the second best part, next to the yummy Pork Ribs.

It is so enjoyable to sit together as a family and converse with one another.  I love to listen to the children visiting with their grandparents as they eat.  “Pop Pop,  did you ever play football like my daddy?” my little boy asks.  “I sure did son, but your daddy was so good he played in college too.”  Pop Pop replies.  “I want to be just as good as you and my daddy when I grow up.” my son explains.  These times are so valuable for a family.  I enjoy sitting together eating dinner as a family in our backyard.

This fall weather is wonderful!  I enjoy being outside with my family enjoying our outside Barbecue!  There is nothing better then good food and life long memories!

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Favorite BBQ Sauce

What is  your favorite Barbecue Sauce?  I like the Iron Works BBQ Spicy Sauce (

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Great Boneless BBQ Rib Recipe

I found a great Barbecue rib recipe.

Use a package of Boneless Beef Ribs, rub with a dry seasoning.  I prefer Iron Works BBQ Rub out of Austin, Texas( Next place on grill at 300 degrees. Six minutes each side.  Talk about tasty.  You cant go wrong

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